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Autumn is truly the season of giving-giving candy, giving thanks, and giving gifts. Traditionally, all of these celebrations require a monetary contribution of some sort. Although some do not have the funds to donate, it’s vital to remember that there are alternative ways of making a difference in others’ lives.


Donate Used Items

Local charities are constantly looking for donations of household items. A gently used coat can be given to a homeless person in need before cold winter weather sets in. Most people have things they don’t use that would make a difference for someone else.



Nonprofit organizations depend on volunteers to assist those in need. Several options for volunteering include feeding the homeless, spending time with the elderly, or helping during a community event. Opportunities for community service are usually posted on city websites and in city buildings such as libraries.


Give Part of Yourself

Many people need blood, plasma, or donations of hair. Some mothers can’t produce enough breastmilk and look for donors. These things are free to give and can make a world of difference in someone’s life.


Contribute Homemade Items

Baking a pie for charity or knitting hats for newborn babies are noble ways of giving to others. Those in the military appreciate cards and care packages during the holidays also; since they can’t be home with their loved ones.


Grow Gifts

Donating produce from one’s garden will impact those who are hungry. Giving a beautiful bouquet straight from the garden may make someone’s day special.


Use Technology

Smartphones apps that donate money to charities based on someone’s walking and running activity allow easy chances to give. Other apps contribute based on social media activity, pictures, and various online activities.


Put Skills to Use

People who have a talent for writing or creating websites can help organizations lacking in that area. Tutoring and counseling are other valuable services that are in need.


By following any of these methods, the holiday season can positively affect someone’s life. It also gives the giver a feeling of self-fulfillment. At this point, when there is so much uncertainty in the world, a little generosity can go a long way.



Khoa-Nathan Ngo