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Khoa-Nathan Ngo

Philanthropy, Volunteering & Community Involvement

In his spare time, Khoa-Nathan serves as a member of #GoodforMEdia in partnership with Stanford Psychiatry’s Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing. This peer mentoring campaign works to tackle both the positives and negatives of social media. Their goal is to promote positive social media interactions. 

Khoa-Nathan Ngo is an agent of social justice and reform, and works to advocate for those who are underserved in the community. When asked, Ngo names Greta Thunberg as one of his biggest inspirations. Ngo wants to dedicate his life to working with human rights issues; specifically, Khoa-Nathan is passionate about  Asian-Pacific Islanders, child abuse survivors, and  all public health issues. Throughout his young life, Ngo has served in  several positions that have allowed him to support causes he cares about very deeply. Ngo hopes  to continue his advocacy work throughout his lifetime. 

Currently, Khoa-Nathan attends Mission College in pursuit of a Bachelors degree. Ngo has worked as a Community Advocate for  the South Bay Youth Changemakers, the Engagement Director for Our Time to Act United, and the Leader of the Advocacy Committee of the Santa Clara County of Education Youth Advisory Group.

Mental health is important to Khoa-Nathan. Through is work at #GoodForMEdia he advocates for healthy social media engagement. He believes that social media may be a challenge for his generation, but he also sees it as a way for us to express ourselves. 

In Ngo’s work as a Community Advocate for the South Bay Youth Changemakers, he  has been able to work with the community to develop materials for  Police Reform presentations. Khoa-Nathan was also able to network with others grassroots activism events. These experiences only solidified the fact that Ngo is working in the right field.

Through his work in advocacy, Ngo has become extremely skilled at planning, budgeting, projecting, collaborating with others, and conducting interviews. These skills have helped position Khoa-Nathan Ngo as a leader of social justice at his school and in his community.  Through his work, Ngo has formed strong relationships with community members and peers. Ngo understands the importance of connecting with the community in which you are attempting to create change.

Throughout  his young life, Khoa-Nathan has seen opportunities for improvement and acted upon them. Specifically, Ngo loves to serve his community through activism and  non-profit efforts. A few issues that are closest  to  Khoa-Nathan’s heart are  Asian Pacific Islander justice, child abuse survivors, and any public health issue. To learn more about Khoa-Nathan Ngo and the issues  that are important  to him, visit his other websites at and

Khoa Nathan Ngo